It's actually not about us... it's about you (and the wildlife!)

 “Wildlife for You” provides easy-to-understand science-based information on wildlife and wildlife-related issues. Its primary purpose is to protect our wildlife resources by engaging the public in meaningful, influential, and FUN educational opportunities.

FACT: Almost EVERYBODY LOVES WILDLIFE! (Yes…surveys confirm this!)

PROBLEM: The public is often uninformed or misinformed when it comes to wildlife.

So why is this a problem?

When the public does not know what to do in and around wildlife, which is everywhere, it’s the animals which end up losing, often getting misplaced, harmed, or even worse…

Here’s why there is disconnect with the public….

The public is often served two vastly different forms of information regarding wildlife. Much of what comes out of academia and government is too technical, often dry, and almost always unemotional. This leads to an uninterested and an often uninformed public. On the flip side, “Hollywood” creates wonderfully engaging but often incorrect information about wildlife. For example, bear cubs and bunnies don’t often run together playing in the open fields filled with wildflowers. Another issue is that most forms of wildlife information is static. It comes in the form of a magazine article, a website, or a video. There is no human interaction…no one to teach and answer questions.

Why can’t we have wildlife information that’s both educational and entertaining?

We can now since “Wildlife for You” provides Wildlife Educainment!

Wildlife for You offers information and training on wildlife issues from highly-skilled professionals not only trained and educated in wildlife management but also extremely talented in face-to-face communication. Information is provided through LIVE online classes called webinars. Not only do you learn from what they have to say but you can ask questions and interact with all of the instructors.

An understanding and educated public is not only better for society, it is better for wildlife!

Of course, none of this would be possible without generous contributions from our wonderful wildlife photographers!