Felids - The Cats

Cats are usually loners... and wild felids are no exception to the rule (ok, we'll make an exception for African lions!). Because cats are prefer the single life, sometimes they are hard to understand or even identify. Heck, North America's big cat (the cougar) has a pretty bad - and undeserved - reputation. Did you know that these cats, which used to be all through the United States, play a critical role in keeping everything in nature healthy? Yes, they do!

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Course Name Course Description
Fantastic Felines North America may not have the world’s largest cats but it does have some fantastic felines. Learn about North America’s native cats and where these elusive creatures roam.
Cougars: Colossal Cats Find out why this long ranging cat is a symbol of wild America and why so many people see them even where they’re not usually found.
Panthera: Really BIG Cats These are BIG cats...like really REALLY BIG cats...and they're AWESOME!

Did you know...

Cougars can leap FORTY FEET in distance and 15 feet high and prefer wild game to domestic meat... maybe they think it tastes funny!