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If you like water, you are sure to have swam in an ocean or a nearby lake. But what creatures were beneath the surface only inches from your toes? Fear not, the fishes of North America are seldom hungry enough go to after us, but that doesn't mean we can't go after them! Fishing is one of North America's most popular past-times, and best of all, an amazing source of food!

Courses we offer

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Course Name Course Description
Fishes of the Southeast (US) The Exotic and the Not-So-Exotic - It's impossible to cover EVERY fish in the Southeast but in this class we'll teach you things you probably didn't know about the most common game fish, including how to catch them. Plus, we'll cover some of the more unusual piscatorial creatures that not many people pursue... but you might want to!
Blue Cats: The Real River Monsters We've all heard the stories about scuba divers coming face-to-face with catfish "as big as a Volkswagen." Is it true? Do these mythical beasts really exist? And if so, how do you catch them... or do you even want to?
Big Bass Bonanza So you're looking to capture the bass of a lifetime. There are never any guarantees but we'll cover the top locations around the country where you stand the best chance of catching your dream fish.
Crappie is King (especially in your freezer) Most freshwater anglers agree that crappie are the most delectable table fare. But except for the Springtime, many folks struggle with catching them. Learn some techniques for capturing this popular panfish 365 days a year.

Did you know...

Fish breathe oxygen just like us...they just need gills to pull it from the water!