Wildlife Success

In the early 1900s, man started realizing the tremendous value of our wildlife resources. Great men like Teddy Roosevelt and Aldo Leopold started a movement in wildlife conservation that has now made North America the world leader in caring for its wildlife. Along with the creation of the concepts of wildlife management are countless success stories, each one a monumental accomplishment.

Courses we offer

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Course Name Course Description
Rebounding Wildlife Learn about some amazing success stories of wildlife conservation efforts and how some species were brought back from the brink of extinction.
The Science of Wildlife What does it mean to manage wildlife by science? Doesn’t wildlife just take care of itself?
Foundations of Wildlife Conservation Not long ago many species were on the brink of extinction and extirpated (locally extinct) from many states. Find out how so many species have rebounded to prolific numbers and why North America is considered the leader in wildlife conservation.
Wildlife Rescue Everybody feels the pull of the heartstring when they see a young animal by itself. Most animals are not orphaned but when they are, find out what you should do and who you should call.

Did you know...

There are seven tenets of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, decisions based in science being one of them. That's why we're here!