Backyard Wildlife

One does not have to venture deep into the back country to experience wildlife, it is all around us. Our backyards are a haven for a multitude of animals from birds, to mammals and yes, even reptiles and amphibians. Find out what kind of animals are likey to make your backyard their home. Don't worry, they're almost all harmless and a joy to watch!

Courses we offer

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Course Name Course Description
Neighborhood Critters Seeing wildlife around the house is often quite enjoyable but dealing with neighborhood critters can sometimes be unnerving. Find out how to safely live with our wild friends.
Animal Tracks We so often never get a glimpse of an animal in the wild yet we see where they have been. Learn the basics in identifying animal tracks so you know what has crossed before you.
Animal Signs (beyond tracks) Animals leave all sorts of signs from rubbing posts to dusting areas to all sorts of dens. Find out some neat signs that are left behind by animals that you never knew were made by them.
Safely Watching Wildlife Many folks love seeing wildlife...who doesn’t? But there are do’s and don’ts when viewing wildlife. If you don’t pay attention you may not only hurt yourself but the wildlife you love.
Wildlife Photograhy Workshop Animals are not only fun to watch they are fun to photograph, but man is it hard! Use these simple tips to improve your wildlife photography.

Did you know...

Like many rodents, a squirrel's teeth are always growing. No wonder they're always finding things to chew on!