Canids - The Dogs

Dogs are familiar and comforting creatures to most of us, that's why they are often called Man's (or Woman's) best friend. But their wild counterparts are much different than us, from the tight knit society of a gray wolf pack to the solitary existence of an artic fox. Wild canines are as interesting and lovable as they are different.

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Course Name Course Description
Timber Wolves An icon of wild America, timber wolves have lead a controversial and often persecuted existence. Follow them through history and take a peek into their future.
Wolves, Coyotes, and Foxes North America’s wild canines are not only beautiful and elusive but cunning and resourceful as well. Although closely related find out how they differ and which ones you are most likely to encounter.
Coyotes: Claiming North America The wily coyote...often loved and hated in the same breath, they truly are one of Nature’s greatest survivors.

Did you know...

In the artic tundra a wolf howl can be heard by other pack members from as far as ten miles away!