Wildlife Webinar Courses


We offer a wide variety of courses on wildlife. The content is scientifically valid yet public-friendly. Better yet, our course list is ever-evolving to fit your needs!

Each webinar consists of a 30-60 slideshow presentation followed by a question and answer period. Most webinars will continue until all the students have their questions or comments addressed but you are free to come and go as you please.

Remember, since it is a LIVE presentation you won’t want to miss much! Registered participants will have access to a recording of the class.

We offer courses on an array of different topics - all related to wildlife and wild areas. Check out our course calendar for a schedule or drop us an email if you're interested in a specific topic or course that you don't see on the calendar!

Curious about how registration works? We've got answers! Curious what a webinar is? We have a video for that!