• We TALK, we DON'T Lecture

    Since most wildlife information on the web is static (e.g. article, picture, video, blog, Tweet, etc.…) there's no face-to-face interaction. It is oftentimes dull and boring! Now...imagine sitting in a room with a wildlife professional, asking him/her questions, knowing they work with you until you understand. They are passionate about what they do because the most important aspect of wildlife management is PEOPLE MANAGEMENT!

    Wildlife for You instructors are there for YOU!

  • Webinars: Our Classrooms

    Each webinar (which is essentially an online presentation with a LIVE instructor) consists of a slide presentation followed by a question and answer period. Most webinars continue until ALL students have their questions answered (but you are free to come and go as you please!). Registered participants will also have access to a recording of the class. To receive notices of upcoming classes send us an email or simply follow the "Wildlife for You" Facebook page.

    Curious what a webinar is? Check this out!

  • Cost Efficient Wins the Day

    For about the cost of a movie ticket, you and your family (and friends!) can spend the evening learning about your favorite animal from wildlife professionals that have worked with them throughout their career. So not only is it a great way to spend the evening with your family...you'll learn something valuable as you do. It's a wonderful and affordable evening of EDU-TAINMENT!

    (Oh, and it’s great for outdoorsy groups, students, and clubs as well!)